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Day 1 : Phnom PenhWat Phnom Arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport in the morning and warm welcome by tour guide.  Phnom Penh historical  sightseeing tour with visiting : the Independence Monument commemorates the end of Cambodia’s ruled by France in 1953, which was constructed in 1954 after Cambodian took their country back from French colony, the National Museum, the distinctive red building with a beautiful Khmer architecture was build since 1917 and contains more than 5000 art objects made of sandstone, bronze, silver, Copper, wood and others. They are really the cultural treasure of Cambodian, the Royal Palace compound, was built by King Norodom in 1866, inside its gleaming yellow walls is most conspicuous feature and impressive colourful Khmer-style Halls for the Royal family, and visit Silver Pagoda, located in the compound of the Royal Palace. Inside its floor is constructed of 5000 silver tiles. In the centre of the pagoda there is a magnificent 17th-cenNational-Mtury emerald Buddha statue made of baccarat crystal and its walls enclosing are covered with frescoes depicting episodes from the Khmer version of the Ramayana,  Wat Phnom , a pagoda was built by lady Daun Penh in 1372 on the top of a small hill . The legend of the founding of Wat Phnom is tied to the beginnings of Phnom Penh and the Central Market, constructed Vsince 1937, an art deco landmark and one of the largest and busiest markets in the city, if not all of Cambodia. You can find clothes, souvenirs, jewellery, and food here. You will also visit the Russian Market, the best place in the city for wooden and stone carvings, old coins, jewelry, and Cambodian and Chinese silk clothes. Overnight in Phnom Penh .

Day 2 : Phnom Penh – Angkor Borei – Tonle Bati Drive to Takeo city , then  cruise on a small speed boat to Angkor Borei with visiting archaeoloAngkor Boreigical museum , Phnom Da  and Asram Moha Russei temples . Return to Takeo . On the way back to Phnom Penh, visit to Prasat Neang Khmau, Ta Prom and Yeay Peou temples at Tonle Bati. Overnight in Phnom Penh .

Day 3 : Phnom Penh – Kompong Thom Road to Kompong Thom, stop at Skun spider market. Then continue to visit Sambo Prei Kuk, group  temples dispersed in the forest, is the most significant conglomeration of pre-angkorian temples. It was constructed during the period when the Khmer Kingdom of Chenla was at its apex and controlled much of the area, more than 150 years before the rise of Angkor. Overnight in Kompong Thom.

Day 4 : Kompong Thom – Siem Reap Road to Siem Reap – The Cradle of Angkor Civilization – Where Cambodian were Born, this is also a famous ArchaSambo- Prasat Toreological City, as named as one of the seven greatest architectural wonders of the World. Covering approx 600 sq km, it contains more than 100 fabulous ancient monuments and over dozen major compound Temples, which were built during the most splendid Era of the Khmer Dynasty between the 9th – 13th centuries and were the ancient capital of the Khmer Empire with visiting on the way an ancient archaeological bridge at Kompong Kdei “Naga bridge” . Afternoon sightseeing tour :  visit the workshop of Artisans d’Angkor of sculpture on stone and wood carving. Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 5 : Siem Reap Beginning to explore the Angkor temples . Visit  the Grand Circuit : Pre Rup, traditionally believed to be a funerary temple, but in fact the state temple of Rajendravarman II , East Mebon, architecturally and artistically superior temple-mountain. Beautifully carved false doors on upper level as well as an excellent view of the surrounding countryside. Tasom, the most distant temple on the grand circuit. Small but classic Jayavarman VII teTa Prohmmple, Neak Pean (coiled serpents) from the encoiled nagas that encircled the temple and Preah Khan  (sacred sword’  dedicated to his father. Afternoon, continue to visit the Small Circuit : Thommanon, small, attractive temple in very good condition, built at the same time as Angkor Wat, Chaosay Tevoda, it seems to stand in partnership with Thommanon but actually was built much later in Suryavarman II’s rule than Thommanon, Banteay Kdei, Srash Srang. Then visit the marvelous  Ta Phrom Temple, a monastery built by Jayavarman VII as a residence for his mother.

Ta Prohm has been controversially left to the destructive power of the jungle by French archaeologists to show how nature can destroy man’s work. It has been largely overgrown by the jungle and as you climb through the dilapidated stone structures you seeAngkor Wat

many giant trees growing out of the top of the temple itself. Ta Prohm looks as many of the monuments did when European explorers first laid eyes

on them. Overnight  in Siem Reap .

Day 6 : Siem Reap Enjoy  Tuk-Tuk ride to Angkor Thom temples (the Great City) including the Southern Gate, famous Bayon temple (12th century in the center of city remains one the most enigmatic temples of the Angkor group composed of 54 gothic towers decorated with 216 smiling faces of Avalokitesvara; Baphuon temple lying just to the north of Bayon a pyramidal representation of mythical Mont Meru; Terrasse of Elephants used as a giant reviewing stand for public ceremonies anKbalSpeand served as a base for the king’s grand audience hall ; Terrace of the Leper King  a plateform 7m high, on the top stands a nude though sexless statue; Phimean Akas temple means “Celestial Palace”, dedicated to Hinduism. Afternoon, visit Angkor Wat, one of the seven greatest architectural  wonders of the world, as a temple and mausoleum for King Suryavarman II at the peak of the Khmer empire in the first half of 12th .  Angkor Wat is probably the best-preserved of the Angkorean temples, with a central tower surrounded by four smaller towers. Finally, in the late afternoon, coming to the Phnom Bakheng temple,  the first temple in Angkor region build by the Yacovarman I King in the first of 9th century, located on a slope gently hill where thousands tourist are grouping on the hill top to catch a memorable time of life when viewing the marvelous sunset. Overnight  in Siem Reap .

Day 7 : Siem Reap Morning trip to the  Kbal Spean “Thousand Lingas River”.  It is the river Steung Russei whose bed is sculpted of several bas-reliefs with a multitude of lingas. The access makes  on foot about 45mn through the forest after having browsed the Cambodian country between villages and rice fields. You reach the site where the bottom of the river is covered with big plates of sandstone sculpted on which streams the limpid and cool water of a small cascade. On the way back, visit  BaCh.Khnnteay Srei . The special charm of this temple lies in its compact size, remarkable state of preservation, and the excellence of it decorative carvings.  Enjoy in Pradak village and contact people to learn their daily life , especially the production of sugar palm. Dinner in a local restaurant with traditional Khmer dances. Overnight  in Siem Reap .

Day 8 : Siem Reap – Battambang ( available from July – Jan)
Transfer to  Chong Khneas village, then boarding a traditional boat  through the great lake and river Sangke to reach Battambang. Several visits are planned during the trip : Prek Toal with floating villages of fishermen, fish ponds , the crocodile farm , the pagoda , schools and workshop craft water hyacinth created by French NGO 1 Then you go down the Sangke river and stop at  Chheu Khmau pagoda ( Black Wood Pagoda ) a very ancient pagoda where your gColonial House BATuide will introduce its history, then arrived at Bak Prea , a village consisting of a mixture of floating houses and houses on stilts. You could see various family fishing gear . The picnic lunch will serve you in the boat. The navigation continues on the river , the human activities gradually changing lifestyle on the water to a way of life on earth. You will discover houses on stilts , bamboo forests ,  kapok tree , pagodas and  beautiful   landscapes scenic  . Arrival at the port around 16:00 . Transfer to hotel. Overnight in Battambang.

Day 9 : Battambang
Battambang  was a big city after Phnom Penh, you can impress the houses keeping their colonial style along the Sangke river and also a big market. Follow the road aBat- Bamboo Trainlong the river to the North edged by beautiful villages until  Wat Ek Phnom temple of the 11st century. On the way , you can visit  the domestic manufacture of the pancake in village along the road. Then visit an ancient traditional Khmer house at Wat Kor village. Then drive through the village to Banon temple of the 11st century . Return to Bamboo train station and  enjoy a pleasant short trip along the rails  through the country side. Bamboo Train is a small platform sitting on small railway wheels, propelled by a small gasoline engine. This is   a great experience not to be missed . Overnight in Battambang.

Day 10 : Battambang – Phnom Penh Transfer to Phnom Penh airport   for departure in the afternoon flight with a short stop at handicraft village of silver along the Tonle Sap river.handicraft-silver-Kg-Luong

Possibility : Transfer to Poipet  border for trip by road to Thailand.

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